VOSSKO, one of Germany's leading producers of high-quality frozen processed products chooses ULMA Packaging for the upgrade and expansion of its facilities

Feb 13, 2020
VOSSKO is a company based in Northern Germany that sells processed poultry, pork and beef products through retailers, food services and processing plants. The company is operating a second facility in Brazil since 2004 and has chosen ULMA Packaging to be its technology partner and develop packing and packaging solutions for its plants.

Operating over a dozen vertical wrappers, VOSSKO started researching the VFFS machine market during 2017, as its oldest machines were about to be replaced and additional machines were required for the planned increase in production. The aim was to find the latest technology available on the market and make ongoing investments in the coming years. Germany is one of the most competitive markets in the world for almost every type of packaging machine, yet this client chose the company ULMA over other machines and suppliers. This decision is part due to certain factors that we will detail below, which have made ULMA Packaging one of the leading companies in the packaging sector.

Tight-BagTM patented air extraction system
With this system that has been patented by ULMA, shortly before sealing and cutting the bag, the air is suctioned out of it. When selecting the duration of the extraction (a matter of milliseconds) on the HMI –graphical interface-, the client sets the level of air to be left in the bag. The reduced level of air in the bags allows VOSSKO to automatically load the bags into cardboard boxes as they leave the bagging machine. This system developed by ULMA Packaging can automatically load an additional 20% of bags into boxes. This leads to significant reductions in labour costs, secondary packaging materials and warehouse and logistical costs.

The standard machines available on the market pierce holes in the film on the packaging machine or use pre-perforated film to remove the air from the bags. This working method can oxidise or even dry out the product. This does not happen when you use the ULMA Tight-BagTM system. The bags are hermetically sealed, thus preventing any exchange of atmosphere and preserving the high quality of VOSSKO's products. In terms of output, it is possible to package between 250 g and 3,700 g at speeds of 12 to 78 bags per minute by using this air extraction system.

Forming tube that switches between each side of the machine
With the ULMA VTC 840, the forming tube can be moved 90° to one side of the machine. This means that the client does not have to move the output conveyor, they can easily switch the tube from one side and move it back. This is a far quicker system and, as the tubes are generally quite heavy, it saves a lot of time for the operator, as well as offering a competitive advantage in terms of the ergonomics and handling of the machine by operators.

Hygienic design
Another of the most notable features of the VTC 840 is its hygienic design, a design with an IP rating of 66: an outstanding figure. The client can even clean the machine from the front, with water jets set to around 6 bar, without having to remove the jaws for cleaning. To facilitate cleaning, all electrical and electronic systems are covered inside the body of the machine, which does not have an external electronic cabinet. In turn, the HMI graphical interface has an IP rating of 67.

The first VTC 840 machine was installed at the beginning of 2018 and, when VOSSKO and ULMA Packaging established an excellent partnership, VOSSKO opted to support and assist in the development of a totally new sealing system and allowed all of the necessary testing to be performed on the VTC 840 that had been installed.

In frozen food plants, polyethylene is the film material that is generally used for packaging products in bags. Polyethylene requires impulse sealing with a Teflon adhesive tape on the jaws after each shift. However, the fused polyethylene sticks to the jaws. This requires a second set of jaws for each machine, one in production and one in the workshop as a spare, along with a team of technicians to perform this task, if the company is working with several vertical VFFS machines.

The new system successfully developed with ULMA operates with continuously heated jaws, with specially coated sealing profiles. The sealing profiles can be replaced directly on the machine in less than 5 minutes when they become worn. Profiles generally last for around three weeks, depending on the products being packaged and the number of shifts. During this sealing system development period, three VTC 840 machines have been installed in VOSSKO with the same application.

The installation of ULMA Packaging machinery in VOSSKO's facilities has been an ongoing process that has been carried out gradually over time, working in close collaboration with the client, ultimately resulting in an increase in output and an improvement in quality, meaning that the German frozen food industry now has new facilities with ULMA packaging machines.