Complete solution for meat fillets packaging

Complete line of packaging for fully automated meat fillets in trays.

The first element of the line is a meat slicer/filleting machine that makes the fillets that will later be loaded into the trays of the infeed belt of the traysealer.

ULMA' s TSA automatic and hygienic design traysealer seals the trays of meat fillets in a controlled atmosphere (MAP) to increase their shelf life. It has an automatic tray denester that feeds the trays to the infeed belt.

The line has a labeller that sticks the labels on the lid of the trays. After this, they go through a metal detection system to reject the trays that do not meet the established requirements.

The robotized case packer cell receives the empty plastic crates in which it places the trays with the established arrangement. The flexibility of this system allows different mosaics to be made depending on the dimensions of the crate and the trays.

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