Complete solution for the packaging of meat products

The complete automation solution for the packaging plant includes eleven packaging lines for different meat products. Each line consists of a TSA traysealer and a robotic case packing cell. The palletizing area consists of three palletizing cells palletize all the incoming references from the eleven production lines.

Each production line starts with a work table for manual loading of products into trays. The tables have different transport systems to: receive empty individual trays, collect the product to be placed in them and, finally, transport the filled trays to the traysealing machines.

In addition, the tables have automatic tray unstackers to feed their operators. The design of the work tables has been carried out in compliance with the ergonomic regulations for operator work, facilitating and speeding up their cleaning process and simplifying their maintenance.

The ULMA TSA traysealers are high-performance traysealers with a sanitizable design. They are responsible for sealing the product trays to make packages with a modified atmosphere to extend the shelf life of the product.

The entire range of TSA traysealers have advantages highly valued by our customers:

  • Extremely reliable and robust
  • Optimal OEE values
  • Hermetic packages
  • Accessible and easy to clean
  • Commercial components from prestigious brands
  • Format changes in 2 minutes

The facility receives complete pallets of plastic crates that are empty and clean. These pallets are depalletized and the crates are transported in columns to the upper floor using a crate column lift.

On the second floor, the crates are distributed to the lines, which have a destacker and a crate descender for each one of them. The destacker takes the column and separates the crates individually so that the descender lowers them to the lower floor as the lines need.

Automatic case packing cells are cells fitted with delta robots that stack the sealed trays in the plastic crates. They are multi-format equipments that allow to have different mosaic configurations, giving them great flexibility.

The handling of the cells is very intuitive and the robots are positioned inside a frame with controlled accesses to comply with the safety regulations. The entire equipment is small and its monoblock configuration allows start-up times to be minimal.

After the case packaging cells, the full crates are stacked and palletized using mechanical palletizers. Crate stacking prior to palletizing increases the efficiency of the palletizing system by improving the proportion of palletized crates per palletizer movement.

Finally, a double transfer trolley is available. This equipment is responsible for two functions: collecting the finished pallets from all the palletizers to leave them in a single collection point and feeding the empty stations with new pallets.

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