Complete solution for the packaging of Petri dishes

Complete solution for packaging stacks of Petri dishes in flow wrapping (hffs)

The two flow wrapping packaging lines, receive Petri dishes in vertical stacks that are turned over before being packaged in the classic pillow pack format.

The packaging of the Petri dish stacks is carried out in two flow wrappers whose exit belt supplies the next area of the process.

The case packing area is formed by a case erector that provides the carton boxes to the boxing cell.

This case packing cell consists of a robot that collects the flow wrapped packages from the two lines and inserts them into the carton boxes.

The closing system placed in line, is responsible for closing the boxes.

The palletizing cell consists of an anthropoform robot that is responsible for stacking the boxes on the pallets.

The pallets, once made, go to the bundler to make the wrapping with stretch film and leave them ready for shipment.

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