Complete solution for chicken breasts packaging in traysealing

Complete line of fully automated packaging for the packaging of chicken breasts in traysealers.

The product preparation and tray loading area has different belts that provide the operators with the product and the trays that are conveyed to the traysealer.

Automatic traysealer with hygienic design, suitable for the food industry and especially for the packaging of fresh products such as chicken cut-ups.

The installation has an automatic destacker of empty plastic crates to feed the robotized case packing cell.

Before palletizing, an automatic stacking is carried out for which it is essential that previously the crate bar closure is done, which is also carried out automatically inline.

The case packing cell receives both traysealed trays and empty plastic crates. The robot case pack the trays into the crates, forming the mosaic according to the dimensions of tray and box.

Mechanical palletizing system that makes the pallets of stacked plastic crates.

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