Comprehensive solution for trayless minced meat processing and packaging

Oct 23, 2020
This minced meat processing and packaging line is the result of the collaboration between Handtmann and ULMA Packaging, where Handtmann provides the solution for the production, portioning and weighing of the meat and ULMA provides the packaging and metal detection solution.

It is a sustainable #ULMAweCare trayless packaging solution for minced meat that offers the same hygiene and safety guarantees as traditional tray packaging.

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This packaging solution provides environmental advantages in several aspects:

  • Reduction of the plastic material used: up to 60%.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions due to less space being required for transport: up to 80% in the shipment of the raw material from the supplier to the packer and up to 30% in the shipment of the packages to the supermarkets.
  • It can be manufactured with 100% recyclable single-material plastics.

The advantages of this packaging are not only environmental, but also financial. This packaging is up to 40% cheaper than traditional tray packaging and the line is easily automated, ensuring high reliability and low maintenance costs.

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ULMA offers different flow pack wrappers to its customers depending on the production requirements. For a traditional format of 400-500 g of minced meat per package, there are two options:

  • FM 300: for production rates of up to 80 packs/min
  • FM 500: pfor production rates of up to 130 packs/min

The portion of meat is packed in a protective atmosphere that allows the commercial life of the minced meat to be extended by up to 7-10 days, preserving both quality and appearance. The injected gas mixture is analysed continuously and can be monitored and controlled from the flow pack wrapper's HMI.

At the same time, the mixture of injected gases form a protective "cushion" that prevents the meat from coming into contact with the film, enabling the proper handling and stacking of packages.

The entire production and packaging line operates in a synchronised way, requires no additional intermediate equipment and is fully automatic.

If you would like to find out more about this new solution that is attracting the interest of so many supermarkets, please do not hesitate to contact us.