Versatility in a single machine for a wide range of packaging materials

Feb 06, 2024
Adaptability of packing machinery: the key to a changing market

In a changing and increasingly demanding market, the new challenges in terms of sustainability, taking care of the environment and regulation at legislative level require the use of alternative packaging materials or new composition ones.

In this context, versatility becomes a key aspect when selecting the packaging machinery that best suits the needs of the market and the end customer.

Versatility in terms of materials

In response to this new challenge, ULMA Packaging has developed innovative technologies that, when applied to its entire range of machines, can provide optimal packaging regardless of the composition of the material used:

  • Conventional polymer films (PE, PP, PET, etc)
  • Compostable or biodegradable films
  • Recyclable films
  • Mono-material films
  • Cellulose fiber materials (paper, cardboard…)

This versatility allows ULMA Packaging to offer a wide range of packaging solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer at all times.

Optimising packaging quality

ULMA Packaging is conscious of its responsibility as a leading global provider and contributes to the sector by developing different technologies aimed at improving sustainability through innovation.

BETTER-SEALTM. Applied to both horizontal flow pack packaging machines (HFFS), thermoforming machines and vertical packaging machines (VFFS), this development is designed to ensure optimal sealing quality with different materials.

These advances aim to achieve the desired appearance, functionality and sealing quality of the packs, ensuring a superior standard in terms of the presentation and preservation of the products to be packaged.

In addition, they favour the sustainability of packaging, not only due to the ability to use recyclable materials, but also with technologies that facilitate the separation of different materials for correct recycling and optimize the size of the packs.