Mesoestetic Pharma Group increases its packaging capacity by purchasing a new ULMA thermoforming machine

May 16, 2024
Mesoestetic Pharma Group, a leader in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology, saw a significant rise in demand for its filler products, so it needed to optimise its packaging process. The coordinator of the Medical Devices Area, Adrián Torres Pérez, explains how installing a new ULMA packaging machine helped them to efficiently meet the growing demand and significantly improved productivity, placing Mesoestetic at the forefront of the sector.

With an approach focused on providing comprehensive skin care solutions, Mesoestetic Pharma Group has cemented its position as a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of high-quality aesthetic medicine and dermatology products and treatments. The company is known for its scientific approach, dedication to excellence, and ongoing commitment to innovation.


The growing market demand for filler products exceeded Mesoestetic Pharma Group's capacity to package and supply this product with its previous ULMA packaging machine. Faced with this need and in order to maintain the quality of its products, the company sought a solution that would not only increase packaging productivity, but could also be adapted for future products that were awaiting approval.


Mesoestetic decided to purchase a new ULMA packaging machine, namely a TFS 500 thermoforming machine to optimise its filler packaging process.

Features of the packaging machine:

  • Sealing plate control to ensure uniform sealing.
  • Its configuration enables the future integration of any vision inspection systems that are required and any automated loading that has to be synchronised.

As Adrián Torres Pérez, Coordinator of the Medical Devices Area, remarks:

 “Installing this system resulted in a remarkable 60% increase in productivity, successfully meeting the growing demand and keeping the company at the forefront of the filler industry.”


The improved productivity not only addressed the immediate challenge of meeting the growing demand for the fillers, but also equipped Mesoestetic for future product launches. This partnership with ULMA did not end with the delivery of the machine; the design department worked actively to improve the design and reduce the unit cost of packaging for the different versions of the product.

Following installation and start-up, ULMA's service included training Mesoestetic's maintenance team, enabling them to perform preventive maintenance work and format changes in-house and independently.

In short, the following was achieved:

  • 60% increase in productivity
  • Format standardisation by adapting the cavity for different product recipes
  • Simple format changes
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Unit cost reduction
  • Product traceability

This successful partnership between Mesoestetic Pharma Group and ULMA not only proved to be an efficient solution to meet current demand, but also prepared the company for future challenges and product launches.

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