Smart traysealers with advanced functions using RFID

Jun 06, 2024
ULMA Packaging has developed a new feature aimed at facilitating maintenance tasks based on RFID sensors.

This new feature complements the previous format control system, which was already available and designed to prevent operational errors during format changes.

In line with the goal of maximizing equipment availability to improve the OEE of the packaging lines, we are committed to developing new utilities that simplify machine operation and reduce downtime.

This new utility offers the possibility of having a cycle counter and an individual alarm for each mould in the traysealer.

Through these alerts received on the machine's HMI, the operator can schedule the appropriate maintenance tasks, thus avoiding unexpected production stoppages.

In summary, the equipment with RFID sensors provides the following benefits:

Benefits of the system

  • Maximize equipment availability.
  • Prevent operational errors during format changes.
  • Facilitate mould maintenance tasks.

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