ULMA Packaging brings innovation in packaging technology to Prosweets 2024

Jan 02, 2024
Cologne, 28 - 31 January 2024 – Hall 10.1 Stand G060 - H061

The confectionery and snack industry is facing a challenging market that demands increasingly sustainable packaging, safer products and ever more technologically advanced packaging machines.

The Prosweets trade fair has become one of ULMA Packaging's key events, where it will seek to meet the needs of the sector. To this end, ULMA Packaging is continuing to develop the machinery and packaging solutions in its product range, focusing on productivity, efficiency, digitalisation and sustainability.

Productivity and efficiency in small spaces - FR 400 TWIN

FR 400 Twin.jpeg

This is a high-output two-in-one horizontal packaging machine for the confectionery, chocolate and biscuit industries. An efficient solution to meet high-output requirements in a compact design, providing the following benefits:

  • High performance
    • Output speeds of 2 x 70 metres/min. and up to 2 x 700 packages/min.
  • Two machines in one
    • Occupies 50% less space, making it perfect for optimising the area required in the production plant
  • Single HMI
    • User-friendly interface that allows both machines to be controlled from a single control panel.
  • Ease of use and maintenance
    • The electrical cabinet is top-mounted, ensuring easy access from both sides and facilitating any operation.
  • High-quality build
    • Designed with premium materials, ensuring durability, a long service life and minimal downtime.

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Versatility to produce Doypack and pillow pack on the VTC 800R vertical wrapper


This vertical wrapper features the new PLUS-CUT™ cutting system that has been patented by ULMA, available in our range of vertical packaging machines, offering a number of benefits:

  • Appearance of packaging: doypacks with a premium finish.
  • Production efficiency: up to 80 packs/minute.
  • Low maintenance costs: it is a bladeless cutting system with a long service life.
  • Affordable packaging: packaging costs up to 50% lower than with preformed doypack pouches.
  • Cutting waste-free packaging, saving 4 mm of film along the length of each pack.
  • System designed to work with sustainable, 100% recyclable, mono-material films.

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Hall 10.1, Stand G060 - H061

Come and visit us at Prosweets 2024. We will be delighted to show you our latest technologies and developments, to offer you the best solution to suit your needs.